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The mission of VOX EXCAVATION is to utilize our team’s 100+ years of collective Excavation Construction experience to provide our clients with the Safest, most Economical, and uncompromising Quality for their projects.


Regardless of the size of your project, we have the experience and expertise to complete your project safely, on schedule, and within budget – our name and reputation in the construction industry matters to us.


Providing our clients with the time and resources required to ensure a full service process from the moment we start working until completion, resulting in the financial and aesthetic results you deserve and expect.


We are a cohesive and complementary team of dedicated, experienced, and loyal employees who have the exceptional capabilities to bring any project to a safe and rewarding completion for our clients.

Grading & Compaction

With a complete fleet of equipment, we can handle earth moving, slope cutting, compaction, structural excavation or soil stabilization for any job.

We’re committed to providing the right equipment and staffing required to complete your job. Using the latest technology available, including GPS, machine and tripod mounted lasers, and years of knowledge and experience.


Our years of experience offer complete demolition services.

Site clearing, land clearing for new construction, fire debris clean up, earthquake and disaster clean up, dismantling and recycling for commercial, residential, and government projects. We are experts at demolition sites in California’s densely populated areas.

Earth Shoring

Earth Retention & Shoring involves retaining soil subjected to either a natural, unstable slope or a man-made excavation.

And when required, supporting existing adjacent structures. We draw on our extensive experience with the full range of techniques to provide optimal earth retention & shorings solutions for each project.

Foundation Drilling

Mini- and micro-piles are smaller diameter than CIDH foundation piles.

Nevertheless, they are capable of supporting significant foundation loads. These foundation elements are constructed similar to drilled piles, except that the reinforcement is a single steel bar as opposed to an I-beam or re-bar cage. Also, high strength grout is used to anchor and protect the steel bar instead of concrete.

Landslide & Slope Repair

In general, landslides are complicated systems of geology, geomorphology and hydrogeology.

Rarely does a single design tool address all of the problems associated with incidences of mass movement such as landslides. As a result, we are very selective when considering projects where the mediation of active or ancient landslides is included in the scope of work.